Digital Sterling:
Transforming Finance

GBPA is a secure digital currency that can always be redeemed 1:1 for Pound Sterling (GBP) - it's built for rapid, global payments and 24/7 financial markets.

Powered by the world’s most innovative blockchain platform

Unlocking Britain's Digital Future

Agant is a UK domiciled entity working with regulators and government to deliver the premier choice for digital pound sterling transactions.

Stability and Security
GBPA offers unparalleled stability and security, backed 1:1 with Pound Sterling and strives to meet strict regulatory standards.
Global Reach and Accessibility
Access GBPA anytime, anywhere, for seamless global transactions and unparalleled flexibility in managing your digital assets.
Low Transaction Fees
Enjoy cost-effective transactions with GBPA, as it offers low fees compared to traditional banking methods, saving you money on every transaction.
Instant Settlements
Experience lightning-fast settlements with GBPA, ensuring instant access to your funds without delays or processing times.
£2 trillion
Total circulating value of digital assets
£745 billion
Stablecoin monthly transaction volume
9 million
Solana wallets hold SOL

Britain's trusted stablecoin platform

We strive to be the UK's most trusted and transparent stablecoin platform, providing unparalleled security and transparency across our ecosystem.

UK domiciled entity welcoming innovation and regulation
Stringent security standards to ensure the highest level of protection
Extendable platform to support further innovation
Experience the future of digital currency with GBPA, offering stability, security, and accessibility for all your financial needs.
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